• Supriyo Roy

Why am I Vegan?

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

I never thought I'd go vegan one day, but today I'm Vegan. Now you ask me why? My answer to you is

For the ANIMALS, for MYSELF and for the ENVIRONMENT.

For the ANIMALS :

Well, we're all aware that animals feel pain. They are alive and aware of what's happening around them. There are more than enough evidences to make you believe that they're conscious. Some think that they don't speak language so they aren't conscious. But language and consciousness is totally different. You can speak no language but you can be fully conscious by visualizing images in your head and getting outcomes of your choice out of it.

Animals too have central nervous system and pain receptors like us humans. Therefore they can feel myriads of emotion including pain, joy, grief, love, happiness. And I genuinely don't find it sensible having an animal killed that's fully conscious for food, apparel or whatever.


There are plenty of research articles and findings that shows the consumption of meat and animal products can cause us diseases like type 2 diabetes, cancer, stroke, cholesterol and the list goes on. After learning what meat and animal product can do to our body, I chose to go Vegan.

Some might think that a vegetarian/vegan diet lacks essential nutrients that are required for the well functioning of our body, however the largest nutrition organizations have stated that a vegetarian/vegan diet is adequate for our body to function properly.


We all are well aware of the GLOBAL CLIMATE EMERGENCY, we're facing the HOLOCENE EXTINCTION in today's day. Why is all of this happening?

We are cutting down forests so that we can eat animals. Weird ? Well, read the facts below and judge for yourself.

If you didn't know, animals are produced in factories for us to eat. Cows, cattles and pigs are artificially inseminated for milk and meat, so as to keep the production up and running. Animal production requires large pasture land, fertilizers and water ofcourse.

• Forests are cut for the animals to be grazed on feed crops.

• Beef and pork production takes up gallons of water.

Methane is produced in Cattle production, which is way more harmful than carbon dioxide.

I swear if we continue to do what we're doing still, then the consequences are going to be disastrous for us.

It is a real challenge for us today and we should do our bit to mitigate climate change. Therefore, going vegan is the single biggest way to control climate change. Now at this point you might think that you alone cannot save the world by going vegan. Of course you can. Remember, it takes only one mind to make a change and inspire others.

Thank you for reading!!