• Supriyo Roy

Pandemic and meat eating

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

The outbreak of Covid-19 or the novel coronavirus has caused a major setback worldwide for which many lost their jobs, businesses shut/ceased to exist, companies went bankrupt and a massive number of deaths were reported all around the world.

The emergence of this outbreak is linked to a meat market in Wuhan city in China. Not to blame Wuhan, as the standard practice of animal exploitation is deemed normal around the world. And if we take a moment and look back into the history of these viruses, it can be said that these viruses came into existence only because we choose to subsist on animal flesh and their secretions. The MERS, SARS, the Spanish flu, the mad cow disease all came up because we totally disregard animal life and choose to eat them.

One of the things Covid-19 and all other pandemics showed us that what we do to animals in turn comes back to us and cause us suffering. It's about time we take a moment and reflect on the subjective decisions and choices we've made that led us to what we are currently facing.