• Supriyo Roy

How to talk about veganism to your parents?

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

So you have gone vegan and decided that you want your parents to try veganism but don't know how to achieve them at going vegan. Don't worry, I have got you covered in this article. I have laid out few points that can be effectively communicated in order for them to get into the practice.

Before you take the plunge, I recommend you to learn about the arguments that they might make against veganism to make it seem extreme or far-fetched. However, you have got to prove them wrong by communicating the right message to them.

Make your parents aware of the term veganism and what it means.

What is veganism ?

Veganism is a way of living life compassionately that condemns unnecessary exploitation of animals. The idea expands to incorporate a vegan diet (plant-based diet) that eliminates meat and animal products. Being vegan not only means to change one’s food choices, it also means to live life ethically and advocate animal welfare.

It is certain that we have been duped with social influences and the dominant belief system, acting as blinders, that says meat is the only source of protein, and our parents believe it to be true.

Parents usually worry about the protein that they know comes only from animal meat and dairy. Tell them that proteins directly comes from the plants. Also let them know, it is beans and broccoli that have more protein than meat.

Try cooking vegan food at home for yourself and share it with your family so they can try it out too. If your cooking skills are excellent, it's probable, they will love it, and you can take that moment to introduce them to some of the tastiest vegan dishes and encourage them to make those often.

You can ask your parents to add more greens and eliminate meat and animal products, telling them the amazing benefits of going vegan.

Make them aware of the negative impacts of animal agriculture on the environment and ask them to live more consciously.

Lastly, you can ask them to watch or read how to go vegan tips online that will help them further along the line.

The transition will not be rapid, instead it will be slow and gradual. But over time your parents will start noticing some healthy change in them and they will embrace it.