• Supriyo Roy

How to go vegan - 5 tips to make your switch to a plant based diet easier

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

Going vegan has never been easier than this. In today's day it's a no brainer for you as there's a whole lot of substitutes for meat and animal products available in the market. We get mock meat, plant based - milk, cheese and eggs. So ask yourself, do you really need to be a carnist in today's day? For me it's a BIG NO.

Plus going vegan has amazing health benefits too. Switching to a vegan diet will make you feel more healthier than ever. If you're facing troubles with obesity, switching to a vegan diet will solve that problem for you. There are numerous health benefits to a vegan diet and more and more people are trying it out lately, be it for one's health or for ethical reasons or for the sake of environmental concerns.

Trust me I have been on an entirely plant based diet for quite sometime now and I feel so healthy, and most importantly, acne on my face started disappearing too. I really feel a lot contented about it. Wouldn't it be great if you too benefited from a vegan diet? Yes of course.

So down below I'll give you 5 tips to make your switch to a plant based diet simpler.

1. Ask yourself why you want to go vegan

Asking yourself this question can help bring a sense of clarity in your thought about going vegan. Today I’m a vegan because I can’t stand animal cruelty, in similar way there must be some reason for you to make the switch. Figure that out. And whatever the reason might be, stay true to yourself.

2. Do a thorough research

As you know, knowledge is power. Go online and learn how the meat and dairy industry works. How sentient animals are killed in slaughterhouses. How meat and dairy can affect your health. How animal agriculture can be a threat to our planet. Where can you get your proteins from. Research as much as you possibly can and learn all of it.

The game changers can be a good place to start with. I recommend you to watch this documentary about meat and proteins. Besides, read well grounded articles to educate yourself more about veganism.

3. Inwardly prepare yourself to deal with friends and family

Since birth we’re conditioned into believing that eating meat or using animal product is considered normal. You could be a rebel by breaking all these stereotypes. You might face challenges getting along with family/friends or might even get mocked of your veganism at times as well, because all our social interactions revolve around food. Your friends might find it shocking to learn that you're no more a meat eater. I have been there too, but over time learnt to deal with that!

So what do you do to overcome this problem ?

Well, try to make them understand why you went vegan in the first place. Persuade them to watch videos and documentaries of how animals suffer. Use logic and reasoning to debunk their arguments against veganism. And remember, don't get angry and always try to keep an empathetic attitude when they don't seem to understand, because once you were a meat eater too. So you got to keep the conversation well balanced. Don't appear silly.

When socialising, look up for vegan/vegetarian outlets/restaurants in your city and ask your friends to join you or simply meet your friends over tea or some vegan-friendly snack.

4. Make fellow vegan friends online or join a vegan community

No vegan friends? No worries! Communicating with like-minded vegans that follow the same life philosophy as you has become a lot easier. As the vegan revolution is growing day by day, a lot of vegan communities and groups are coming up. Join them and you wouldn't be lonely anymore.

You can look for vegan dating apps, it's available too.

5. Inspire others

Lastly, if you're a hardcore vegan then you'd want to inspire others by putting out the veganism message. If you're dedicated enough then address about the effects of animal agriculture or be an animal rights activist or film the animals in a slaughterhouse and come up with a powerful video to make people aware. There are so many ways to how you can spread the word. Just play your part, do what you're good at, get the message out there and be an inspiration to others. Above all, be a hero for the animals.

I hope this helps. Thank you so much for reading !!