• Supriyo Roy

10 non-vegan excuses carnists make to not go vegan and how to counter them

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

Debating with a non vegan can be tough if you don't have logical reasoning to debunk the arguments they make against veganism. You could be faced with various hypothetical questions by a non vegan such as "what would happen if the world went vegan?" or "what will happen if animals overrun the planet?" and so on..

So you got to hone your knowledge in order to counter that and prove them wrong. Sounds right ? Yes, absolutely! And remember, there is not even a single argument against veganism whatsoever.

So down below are 10 excuses non vegans give for not going vegan.

1. I love the taste of meat

I understand you love the taste of meat and animal products so much that you just cannot stop eating them.But have you ever thought about the victims that are killed for our food ? Food that only gives us sensory pleasure and we forget about it as soon as we're done eating. Who are we to take their life for moments of pleasure? How is it justifiable?

So ask them:

"Does your taste buds hold higher value over the life of an innocent animal?"

"How do you justify killing an animal just because you like the taste of meat?"

2. It's a part of our food chain

Essentially, food chains are extremely important. It shows the natural order of life and helps stabilize the natural ecology.

When we humans breed animals and inseminate them and kill them for our food, it has absolutely nothing to do with the food chain. Moreover, the food chain is a human creation, a language based concept that we have favourably designed to confirm our position as the most superior and dominant over all other beings. And therefore it enables us to exploit all the animals that falls below us in the hierarchical structure.

If we're the most superior and powerful of all other beings then we should be taking care of them instead of exploiting or killing them.

So ask them:

"Would you still choose to kill an animal just because you have all the right and power to do so?"

3. Eating meat is my personal choice

We live in a world where one can make independent choices. The choices that one make can be beneficial to them while detrimental for others. By choosing to eat meat, you're inflicting unnecessary pain and suffering to an animal that doesn't want to die. So ask them:

"Are you proud of the personal choices you make ?"

"And btw did you consider the personal choice of the animal that did not want to die ?"


4. Going vegan is challenging

Do you think life is easy? We strive every other day to survive in this world. Nothing comes easy in life, nor does death. The pain and suffering an animal endures is unimaginable. Just imagine the situation by placing yourself in the position of the animals. Do you visualize the picture in your head? I'm sure you wouldn't like your throat being slit with a knife. Besides, by going vegan you don't give up anything. You just eliminate the suffering out of your food. So ask them:

"Can you not go vegan for the innocent beings?"

"Is going vegan that challenging?"

5. I'd be protein deficient if I went vegan

If you wouldn't go vegan for this reason then let me present you with an instance: If you're eating a cow/goat/pig, basically herbivore ; I can conclude that they're all protein deficient because they don't eat meat. So ask them:

"How'd you get proteins from an animal that feed on plants and is itself protein deficient ?"

The truth is we don't need meat to get proteins. All the proteins and nutrients required for our body is already present in plants.

6. Animals in the wild eat other animals

First let me tell you that you were not born in the wild. You're entitled as a human. And, core human values dictate love, peace, compassion, justice. So ask them:

"Are you doing justice or showing compassion by eating animals ?"

"Did your mother teach you to kill other humans or animals when you were an infant?"

Lions teach their offspring to hunt right after they're born. You know why ? Because they're obligate carnivores and their body is designed to eat meat and hunt animals. We, on the other hand are just their opposite. Our body is fully herbivorous. The length of our intestine is larger than our trunk which is the same in all herbivores, specifically designed for eating greens.

Still if you'd want to eat meat then I'd rather ask you to kill an animal with your own bare hands and eat it raw like a lion/tiger does. Ask them:

"Can you kill an animal with your own bare hands and eat it raw like a carnivore does?"

7. Lord Krishna drank milk, I can too

You're only a human no superior than any other species. And probably many of you aren't aware what Lord Krishna actually did. Sure he did drink milk from the udders of a cow, however he also ensured that the calves weren't starving.

Read the excerpt :

The pain and sorrow experienced by mothers who are not able to feed their babies is also experienced by the Gomaata (cow) who is not able to feed her calf.

Hence Baala Krishna left the hungry calves near the cows.

Through this story Shri Krishna Paramaatma wanted to teach us that we must be compassionate not only towards fellow humans but also towards pashu-pakshi-vrukshaas etc.

Ask them :

"Do you think about the calves while drinking milk?"

8. Our ancestors ate meat

I totally agree that our ancestors ate meat. Our ancestors were also known for doing some wicked acts like rape, murder that today's society condemns one from doing. So ask them:

"Do you think it would be correct to base our morality on the actions of the primitive ancestors?"

"Would you rape a girl just because our ancestors did?"

Besides, they didn't have substitutes for meat back in the time that we have in today's day. You're not a caveman that you have to survive on meat.  "So what is your excuse?"

9. It's a part of our tradition

What can be more frustrating than this excuse? Okay I agree that humans have been eating animals since ages, does that mean it should be continuing in today's day? Infact slavery was recognized as a part of tradition in the past, so was the ill-treatment of women. Does slavery and ill-treatment of women still exist in today's society ? No right ?

So ask them:

"How do you justify eating meat as part of our tradition?"

"Do you think tradition is a good benchmark for the justification of our morals?"

10. I alone cannot make a difference by going vegan

What if I told you can make a massive difference? Everytime you choose to eat a plant based diet over meat, you actually save a lot of animals. And you can save more that four hundred animals a year by going vegan. That's a lot.